OSSAN Eggs Camera!
2013.9.12 update

OSSAN Camera OSSAN Camera
OSSAN Camera OSSAN Camera

  • iPhone / Android App
  • Compatible models:
  • iOS-powered devices (iOS5.0 or higher)
  • Android-powered devices (Andorid 2.3 or higher)
  • Rates: basic free-to-play (pay-per-item)

Based on the super-popular app in many regions

the camera where you can become "Boiling OSSAN Eggs!" makes its debut!

Take a picture and be an OSSAN! (a middle-aged Japanese man)

Transform into those OSSAN Eggs that you love!

It's easy to use!

 1.Take a picture

 2.Peel off the egg shell

 3.A new OSSAN Egg is born!

That's all!

Anyone can enjoy this app!

Customize your OSSAN Egg picture!

There are lots of hairstyles and frames to customize your OSSAN Egg picture.

Of course you can save the customized picture!

Share with your friends!

Share with your friends your best OSSAN Egg picture via social networks!

Everyone will envy your OSSAN Eggs!

See yourself reborn as a new egg!

Have fun!

Available now!


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