Some concepts grab you.Our concepts never let go.

Why do the newest products feel old?
What causes a "hit" to miss?
Why do global visionaries struggle to see past Japan's borders?

These are the tricky questions that continue to trouble Japanese content providers in the game industry and other fields. But at comcept, we're pretty sure we know the answer: creators are stumbling through the most important step when it comes time to generate new content...

A good concept.

Concepts are the legs on which innovation stands. They're the seeds of creativity; the nuclei around which products revolve. The best concepts grab you in a single sentence and never let go. In the entertainment business, you live or die by your concepts.

That's where we come in. At comcept, we generate strong, original concepts that will generate big business for you. Our CEO and chief conceptor, Keiji Inafune, is the mastermind behind a library of megahit video games. And no matter what the medium—games, film, books, comics, music, fashion—we make it our business to help our partners create and cultivate concepts that smash past genres and borders.