Ichiokunin ni kawareru megahit shohin no tsukurikata
("How to Make a Megahit Product 100 Million People Will Buy")
2012.3.1 update

Ichiokunin ni kawareru megahit shohin no tsukurikata

Anyone can make a hit! The charismatic creator of Mega Man and Onimusha and a driving force behind Monster Hunter's and Resident Evil's success explains how to get the job done

comcept Inc. Chukei Publishing Company.

Why are hit products so hard to make? Here's a unique book that addresses that question head-on, full of no-nonsense techniques businesspeople can use right off the shelf. Find out why your products aren't making a splash, and what you can do to lead your next project to success. Keiji Inafune pulls no punches as he shares tons of all-new stories and sums up the secrets to his string of million sellers.
Find out how:
・The golden rule is to make the clash between quality and budget work
・With the right mindset, anyone can make a 29-million selling hit
・Saying a concept is "ahead of its time" or "behind the times" is nothing but second-guessing
・Monster Hunter sold 4 million copies based on a hypothesis
・You need to at least nail down your game system, your story, and your sales method

Only available in Japan


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